Why Free to Swim

I'm often asked; how I came up with the name Free To Swim. 

Free To Swim products address the phobia's we curly hair and kinky hair girls have with getting our hair wet.  We will avoid the rain, the pool, the beach, and dread humidity because of the tedious process of recreating a look that goes against the natural appearance of textured hair. Simply put water in any form can 'mess up' our hairstyles. So, a lot of us won’t swim at the beach, workout at the gym, take a yoga class or do any physical activity if it’s going to compromise our hairstyles.

Free To Swim offers gentle but thorough cleansing without stripping your strands. Grooming products that hold but do not leave build up. Leave-in conditioners with ingredients your hair immediately recognizes and absorbs that infuses moisture and softness especially for color-treated hair. Styling aids that add gloss, shine, and hold for those curls, crinkles and spiral styles that take our look to another level without leaving hair feeling crunchy, sticky or wet.

My goal as a natural stylist is to produce some of the best natural products and establish a hair care regimen you can trust.

I want you to know, we can all be Free To Swim if… We love the look of our natural hair, if… We know how to take care of it, and if… We have a regimen of superb products to style our hair.

Because I’ve worn Locs for over 18 years, I wanted my 1st line of natural hair products to address the unique needs of Locs (dreadlocks) as they exist in the natural hair care world. Hence, Free To Swim 'Loc Envy’ was designed to share with the natural hair community all over the world.

Try us out today at Freetoswim.com.  I’m looking forward to my products to be part of your hair care regimen…


In my years as a stylist, I have made many connections with the pioneers of this industry who have shared information, taught classes and have been available to me as a resource.  I’d like to especially thank April Atkinson at Locstar, Malaika Tamu Cooper at Dreadznheadz, Taliah Waajid for her contributions to this industry, Ms. Ray at Deep in the roots, Sista Nandi at Wrap-A-Loc, Ansylla Ramsey at My Hairitage and Diane Bailey of Emerge and the organizers of the Natural Hair Industry Convention (NHI).