Herbal Hair & Scalp Refresher

Herbal Hair & Scalp Refresher

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  • Product Benefits :Growth stimulator, Apple Cider Vinegar PH balancer for hair and scalp, Reduces itchy scalp between shampoos


Free To Swim Herbal Hair and Scalp Refresher is your quick fix for calming an itchy scalp between shampoos. It lifts away oily buildup and restores PH balance to your hair and scalp. Even natural shampoos can throw off your hair and scalp's pH balance, damaging the acidic mantle which protects from moisture loss and is instrumental in making hair smooth and shiny. Not only does ACV restore the acidic mantle but it also provides potassium, pectin, calcium, Vitamins B & C, beneficial acids and enzymes for healthy, lustrous hair.

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