Behind Her Brand

Welcome to the world of LOCS or as some may call them Dreadlocks. 

I am Erika Bethea: Loctician, Natural Hair Stylist and Creator of FREE TO SWIM Hair Products.     

My goal as a natural hair stylist is to produce some of the best natural products available in the market and help you establish a hair care regimen you can trust.

When I starting styling natural hair professionally about 7 years ago it was hard to find products on the market that could assist me with providing moisture, shine, and gentle detangling of my client’s natural hair.  The ingredients of the mainstream hair care brands had a lot of unhealthy additives along with a list of words I couldn’t pronounce. 

But because necessity IS the mother of invention…   I started substituting those products for simple raw ingredients like coconut, olive oil and teas made from chamomile and peppermint to help balance and moisturize my client’s strands. My thought was since our scalp is skin and hair strands are an extension of how healthy we are from the inside out; natural hair will recognize natural ingredients better than any synthetic concoction. When my clients started asking to buy my hair products the more passionate I became with creating natural hair products.

My work with our beautiful black hair specifically Locs, loose natural hair, and braids over the years has helped me discover that ALL healthy hair thrives from 3 key practices:

1. Your hair and scalp need to be clean gently and free of excess oil and product build-up. 

2. Our hair strands need to be consistently moisturized AFTER the shampoo and condition process.

3. Moisturized hair should be sealed to maintain its softness and sheen. 

Developing natural formulas to achieve these 3 things was the catalyst for creating FREE TO SWIM